How can an old 911 look better than new?

Give it to Magnus Walker, that’s how! Watch Jay Leno get all warm and fuzzy with this 1972 911 72STR 002


Best Feature On the 2014 911 GT3 is….

13 (1)Paddle-neutral: the de-clutching function of the 911 GT3 PDK

The dynamics of a sports car driven to achieve optimum lap times is also determined by the clutch. That is why the PDK comes with a ‘paddle-neutral’ feature. If the driver pulls both shift paddles simultaneously, the clutches of the PDK are opened, and the flow of power between the engine and drive is cut off. Once both shift paddles are released, the clutch engages very rapidly if the PSM is switched off. With PSM switched on, the clutch is closed quickly, but in a less pulsed manner.

This function offers two principal advantages: the driver can, for example, neutralize the driving behavior of the vehicle when understeering in a wet curve by pulling the paddles, and thus ‘dip the clutch’ and re-direct additional cornering force to the wheels of the front axle.

The second aspect relates to individual influence of the driving dynamics due to the pulsed onset of the driving force when engaging the clutch. Comparable to a traditional clutch with a manual transmission, the rear of the vehicle can be consciously destabilized for dynamic leaning into the curve. Furthermore, the driver can use the paddle-neutral for accelerating from a standstill. As is the case with manual transmission vehicles, the driver alone decides on how to accelerate using clutch and accelerator foot, without any assistance from drive and dynamic handling control systems.”